About Us

Garrison’s Convenience Stores are a popular destination in Northwest Texas.   We’ve grown our network of stores over the last few years (after spending 7 decades in the service station business) and we love serving small towns in West Texas.  We’ve got the best people!  Our amazing employees are friendly, courteous, and helpful.  They keep our stores well stocked and squeaky clean.  Garrison’s has never asked for, and would never accept, taxpayer subsidies to build or renovate any of our stores.

H.J. Garrison Oil Company, Inc. is a distributor of gasoline and diesel fuel to convenience stores, service stations, oil-field related businesses, farms, and ranches.   Garrison Oil has grown a lot in the agricultural sector over the last few years with farm customers who appreciate prompt service and the best price possible.

Garrison Fuel Transport, LLC is a motor fuel transporter.   We have a fleet of well maintained trucks that are seen daily along the highways of the Texas Panhandle.   Our drivers are a team and our team does a great job of taking care of our customers.    Whether it is the routing load of fuel to a travel center, or a load of dyed diesel in a remote location, GFT can handle the job and handle it well.   We have an impeccable safety record and spare no expense when it comes to making sure our trucks operate safely and efficiently.

Our family business is on the fourth generation, is veteran owned and operated, and proud to play its role in keeping the wheels of our great country spinning.